Rustic Touch does custom screen printing and Heat Transfers (HTV).  No order too big or too small.  Quick turnaround.  Call (847)721-2275 or email us at for more information and pricing.



Screen printing prices








Custom Stenciling and Wall Stickers

Rustic Touch can create custom one-time use stencils with any design or saying.  Call or email us for more information and pricing.

Custom Signs

Custom Signs

 Custom Signs

Rustic Touch can create any custom sign you can dream up.  We can create a stencil out of any image you draw or find on the internet (black and white vector images are the best).  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect sign.



Repair Service

Repair Service

Repair Services

Do you have a piece of furniture that is scratched or is in need of some minor repair? We are happy to assess the piece and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

  • We will repair scratches and/or dings, fix broken/wobbly legs and replace existing hardware.
  • Sand and clean to prepare for refinishing.
  • Paint to desired finish.
  • Apply a protective layer to help keep it beautiful for many years.


Painted Media Center

3 Color Painted Media Center

  Painted Furniture

Rustic Touch can take your outdated furniture and give it a makeover. If you are tired of how that piece looks that has been passed down to you, give us a call and we can help. We can paint the piece so that it is something you love again. Or we can even teach you how to repaint it yourself.
Rustic Touch has many options when it comes to refinishing furniture.



Single color painted finish using American Paint Company Chalk and Clay based paints. It can also be distressed so that the original wood or color underneath shows through.

Two color painted finish using American Paint Company Chalk and Clay based paints. We layer two colors and distress it so that under color shows through for that beautifully aged look.

Embellishments, we have collected lots of interesting items.  Some rusty and some just plain cool.  We like to add these to pieces to make them unique.

Dry sink repurposed into Bar

Dry sink repurposed into Bar


 Custom Furniture  

Rustic Touch loves to take things we find along the way and transform them into beautiful one-of-a-  kind pieces of furniture. If you have a cool piece you’d like transformed, let us know. We can even turn your old entertainment center into a useful armoire or craft center. We are here to give you some ideas and a free estimate.




Light, mason jar, rustic

Rustic Mason Jar Light

 Custom Lighting

Rustic Touch can turn just about anything into a light. We love to combine unique items and turn them into one-of-a- kind light fixtures. In line with our Rustic approach, we incorporate vintage twisted cord to power the lights and the retro Edison bulbs to illuminate.