20140301_171511  I grew up on a farm in Belvidere, Illinois.   It taught me to work hard and appreciate the simple things.  Having a creative mom showed me that anything could be used for decoration, even something from the barn can be repurposed into a neat decorative piece.   My dad loved to take us on “roadtrips” around the countryside, just to see what we could see.  It was always a treat when we went to the small town of Irene and I could get a cold bottle of grape soda.

I have been blessed with my wonderful husband. He gives me the freedom to express my creativity and always trusts my vision. He has also given us our two beautiful children.

I have been painting faux finishes for over 15 years, anything from woodgraining to colorwashes.  This easily transitioned into painting furniture.  I especially love to give furniture that look of distressing with many layers of paint.  Over that past 4 years, I’ve taken on the fun challenge of screenprinting.  Screenprinting has quickly become one of my most often requested talents.